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Q & A: 1/18 “My VJ is at a plateau — what do I do?”

By Alex On January 19, 2011 Under Q & A With Alex


Hey Alex! Today I don’t have any questions. I have one suggestion for you. Acctually I beg you: can you do a 31 minute workout-how to play against full court defense. I’ve done your EBH program but I still have very hard time playing against full court defense. In today’s game I lost 6 balls (I scored only 5 points..ugh) just because I couldn’t beat full-court defense. That’s killing me.

I’m working hard but… My goal is to get scholarship for the best high school in my region. But I will have hard time earning that scholarship just because I can’t play under defensive pressure. If you can not play against full court defense you can’t play a game of basketball(you can not score, you can not use scoring secrets, you can not use 31 minute workout-3point shoting…).

You can’t become a “Dominant Dozen”. And I’m sure that loads of players outhere are having the same problem. Please help me. Workout like that would save my basketball career. looking forward to your answer and useful tips

-Metod from Slovenia


Hey man – too bad to hear about all of those turnovers.

Just a tip: It’s not really on YOU to beat a full court defense — it’s on your team.

Use the most lethal weapon in the game — the pass.

And as for your idea, Full-Court Handling Against Pressure Is Skill #9, I think, and there will be a full DVD dedicated to mastering it. No doubt.


Do you have any vertical jump programs out? I know you had Flying in Four…But, for some reason that link for it has gone down. Any others, that you might have?


You’re right, Flying In Four is currently unavailable. We took it off the market a while ago, but it will be temporarily back pretty soon (exact dates are not set yet, but I think it’s going to be very soon).

As for programs right now, I’ve released several vertical jump programs for free on the blog and in reports. Do a search on the blog.



Hey Alex, I’ve been doing the Jump Manual vertical training system for about 6 weeks. In the first month, I was getting great results, around 3 inches.

Then around the 5th and 6th week, my vertical has gone way down. I built it back up, and now it has stayed the same and has been at a plateau for about two weeks now.

Should I try another program? Or take a break from this one, try a different program, and then go back and try it again?

A different program, like “dumbbell disorder” or “chinup challenge” and then after trying one of those, going back to the Jump Manual? Thanks for the advice. I’m just looking to get my vertical AS HIGH as it can be in the next two months of training. Any tips, advice, or different program suggestions would be helpful thanks.


Whoa there, easy tiger — one question at a time please 🙂

As for your VJ and it plateuaing, that is ALWAYS going to happen. VJ gains come in bursts in short periods of time, then slow down for a while, then can come back and increase again and then more slow periods and so on.

Stick with the program that you’ve been doing, STICK to it, keep it up. If you don’t see any VJ improvements in 4 more weeks, then write me again because it’s probably time for a change.

And, yeah, if it’s still at a plateau then, doing one of the killer monthly programs here would be great for you.

And if YOU have any questions to send in, do that here:

Ask Alex A Question

And take care.


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