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Speed Secrets Inner Circle October Workout Of The Month: “The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost”

By Alex On October 4, 2010 Under The Inner Circle Workout of the Month

The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost

Hey there!

Check this:

You know how’s theres TONS of really great workout programs out there that you KNOW what get your great results?

That if you were to use them, they’d probably end up doing at least part of what they promise, whether that’s make you jump higher, get stronger, run faster or anything else.

Let’s be real here: These products and programs are everywhere (even I have quite a few of them) and there’s only more coming out, so at least one thing MUST be true:

People all across the world are buying and using them.

So we know if people KEEP buying them, they must be pretty damn good (and they must work!).

I mean, I have a friend who has a abdominal training eBook and his book is purchased 800 times a day! But even in talking to him about it, he told me that everyone who refunds his programs have ONE major problem:

They don’t always have access to a gym and ALL of his workouts REQUIRE a gym!

So I thought about it and, I realized the same thing (duh!).

Think about it:

    **Do you always have access to a gym?**
    **Can you always get to weights and machines if you need to?**
    **Wouldn’t you rather be able to get faster, increase your strength and BURN body-fat from ANYWHERE? And at ANY time?**

If so, then I have something that you’re going to LOVE:

It’s called “The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost” and using ONLY bodyweight workouts that can be done ANYWHERE, it’s going to increase your SPEED, strengthen all of your muscles and joints and burn up to 7 lbs. of “Anchor Body-Fat”, all in 4 weeks!

Plus, inside “The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost”, you’ll find:

    * A KILLER 4-week “Bodyweight-ONLY” workout program professionally designed to increase your quickness, add lean muscle and burn abdominal fat
    * My FAVORITE “quickness training/fat-burning” combination exercise that you can use ANYTIME, ANYWHERE (this is taking an old-school exercise and making it POTENT)
    * An ENTIRE Video Exercise Library of EVERY bodyweight exercise used in “The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost” (so you can go through every workout quickly and efficiently with NO confusion about how to do the exercises right)

On top of that, there are TONS of new and crazy bodyweight exercises for you to try in “The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost” and seriously, who doesn’t love new and crazy exercises to try? They’re always challenging and let you leave your workout feeling GREAT.

And, as a VIP member of The Speed Secrets Inner Circle, you’re going to get “The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost” FREE!

Just “Right-Click” below and select “Save As” to download the program to your computer and get started today!

Get “The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost” By Right-Clicking Here!

Now I should note, “The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost” is NOT for you if you’ve been doing a lot of high-rep, conditioning-based training lately. You’d probably be better off going into a “strength-focused” training cycle than this.

BUT, if you haven’t just been doing a lot of higher-rep, conditioning and fat-burning workouts AND you want to increase your quickness, add lean muscle and burn off abdominal fat, then “The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost” is perfect for YOU.

Get started for FREE today:

Download “The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost” By Right-Clicking Here!

If you’ve been feeling annoyed lately about always having to “trek” on over to the gym and even get stuck in traffic on the way, or even just don’t always have equipment to train with, then STOP wasting your time with something that you don’t HAVE to do.

Instead, download your FREE copy (as an Inner Circle member) of ‘The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost” and NEVER have to worry about having to drive all the way to the gym or not having the equipment you need because with the Bodyweight Boost, all you need is YOUR friggin’ body!

I’m tellin’ ya, don’t wait, get started now!

Enjoy this month’s FREE program and thanks for being such a cool member of the Inner Circle!

Talk soon,


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