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Exclusive Interview With Vert Freak 2.0 Creator Adam Linkenauger

By Alex On July 20, 2010 Under Sports Training

Hey there,


So here it is! The exclusive interview I secured for you with Vert Freak 2.0 Creator Adam Linkenauger.

If you don’t know who Adam is, he’s a former National Champion Long Jumper, creator of the Vert Freak System and (DRUMROLL…), owner of a 50-INCH VERTICAL JUMP (one that he TRAINED for, it’s NOT something he was born with).

As you probably already know, Adam has just released the Vert Freak 2.0 System and I’m a really big fan of it, mainly because it has so MANY different vertical jump workouts to follow and reveals several different TECHNIQUE strategies for jumping higher.

These techniques are so special, because they ALLOW YOU to gain anywhere from 2-12 inches in a matter of MINUTES…anyways, Adam’s gonna explain it all below for you, and if you’re ready to check out the newest version of Vert Freak 2.0, check out this link below:

Vert Freak 2.0 <--------- Click This! Also, there were 500 copies to start and I know everyone's been on them like gangbusters, so, don't wait on this, ya know?


Alex: Adam, everyone out there in the vertical jump community has been raving about the new Vert Freak system ever since it was first announced a while back. But how do we know this isn’t just some marketing hype and it’s actually the real deal?

Adam: Ha mainly Alex, I am an athlete and trainer… It took me three years to just create this system! Not to mention the decade I spent figuring out how to train my vertical correctly! Ha, No marketer would ever spend three years making a program, simply because it would be financially devastating! The next reason is, GOOGLE ME…

Haha, I was a 7x ACC High Jumper, three time All-American, umm have a Powerade commercial, Sports Illustrated feature… Man, I’ve been an athlete all of my
life… and will be a trainer for the remainder of it. I love making athletes reach their goals… Watching them go from setting unsure goals to making them happen is the
most incredible transition I’ve ever seen.

Alex: You’ve been running a very successful vertical jump program
on the Internet for a while now Adam, what’s the feedback been like on your programs up to this point and on your latest breakthrough here?

Adam: Well I have actually never personally heard any negative feedback on my program.

The first version of the program received extremely high praises from athletes and review boards, but I personally wasn’t fully satisfied with it, because I KNEW that I had this instant inches technique, that instantly will add 3-5 inches to any athletes vertical and I did not include in my first version of this program because I wasn’t sure if athletes would honestly believe me, and confuse me for “marketing hype like you mentioned in the previous question.

With Version 2, I said heck with it, if the athletestry this, they will gain, and in turn appreciate that I gave them this information. After releasing my first ever “instant inches” video.. Within 6 hours, we had 15 Athletes dunk for the first time ever, and over 250 athletes giving us positive feedback, all gaining within 3-10 inches on their vertical leap INSTANTLY!

Alex: What’s the normal training look like in Vert Freak 2.0?

Adam: Your normal training will consist of proper, proven, safe methods, in a periodized format. A periodized format, is a format in which mini-programs are used in conjunction with each other for one purpose… to increase your vertical…

So your first “phase” will consist of strength training emphasis, your second “phase” will be explosive/speed-based emphasis, and your third “phase” will consist of a deload in the weightroom, Extremely explosive movements, short explosive plyos, and a full course of technique training!

As for a day by day…

You would begin with a dynamic warm up, that will consist of movement, dynamic stretching, light plyometrics like jumping jacks, split squats, etc, ground dynamic work… and on.

Then you will do a workout based on the day, and the phase… you will never ever do the same thing in this workout twice. Phase 1 day 1 may have sprints, but Phase 2 Week 1 may have depth jumps, or bounding… after your workout…

You hit the weight room, which will consist on a strength based program, in which we want to build a strong foundation to build your vertical leap upon. You will have squats based workouts, deadlift work, Olympic lifts, upperbody workouts, it is a full body workout, that targets your vertical leap, while making you overall a Freak Athlete!

Alex: What kind of results can someone realistically expect? We’ve
all seen the wild claims out there on some different vertical jump

Adam: Well man, just like my instant inches videos that practically went viral on
The internet overnight… this program can increase your vertical leap technically
2”-12” inches in a matter of an hour! Alex, I know you are thinking… “12 iches, NO WAY!” Well I can PROMISES you that it can because that testimonial I am releasing to you for the first time ever… as I was the athlete who gained 12” instantly by coming across this technique!

It was in 2002, late season of my first year of high jumping. I had made huge improvements, getting up to jumping 6’1… but one day, something happened… something that I actually have never admitted before, but I would like to know to put emphasis on the importance of this technique! I started working this technique in practice, and I jumped 6 feet really easy!

So I was like cool… and my coach saw me from the other end of the traffic and started screaming “that’s it, that’s it” and running towards me…. He backed my away from the bar, and secretly kept raising the bar up 3” higher than he said it was… I ended up clearing 6’8” that day… I was SO EXCITED… until he looked at me with glazed eyes, and said… “Adam…. You just cleared right at 7 feet. You are the highest high school jumper in the country…. I looked at him confused, and ran to the bar and sure enough, wow… 6’11….. I was shocked… I gained over 12” on my vertical leap instantly….

As for workouts, I have added another 18” to my vertical leap with this system, meaning I personally have gained over 30” to my own vertical, and I can guarantee, that if an athlete uses my program fully, not skipping corners, or taking breaks, he/she will gain 8-12” For SURE! I have yet to come across an athlete who didn’t have insane results.

Alex: What kind of equipment does an athlete need to follow this brand-new system?

Adam: Well I offer three types of “Set-Ups” and over 300 12 week programs within these “Set-Ups”

The Set Ups Include:
• Weight Training
• Medicine Ball Training
• Body Weight Training

So to answer your question, whether you have a full private gym… a medicine ball, or just a little space in your own room… There are tons of FULL 12 week programs in this
Software that you can personally adjust for your needs. These “Set-Ups” can also be mixed and matched to meet any type of situation that you call for.

Alex: Anybody this program NOT for?

Adam: Absolutely, though there is a proven instant inches technique that will gain inches…

Vertical Jump Training success is still decided on how hard an athlete is willing to work, deal with adversity, and overcome anything that can get in the way… Athletes must understand nothing is handed to them, and also that there is NO such thing as failure… Only quitting… So stick to the program, do it as I subscribed… you will have a blue print for success… and if you don’t quit, you simple will not fail.

Alex: So, I’m an athlete whose been struggling to increase my vert
FOREVER now. Why is your program different? Why will it work for me? Sell me on it 🙂

Adam: Ha, Well Alex, welcome to the FUTURE of vertical jump training… I revolutionize this industry with Periodized training techniques… which are the same training techniques that college athletes, that professional athletes, and Olympic athletes use to become absolute monsters…

You want to know why Usain Bolt coasted to the world record in the 100 and 200 meter dash at the Olympic Games? Because he was periodized to run the fastest times of his life THAT DAY… It was a plan to morph him into an absolute FREAK of nature! The great part is, YOU KEEP YOUR GAINS forever! So get this… if you are a high school baller, you can get this program right now, periodize your training with a few clicks to “Peak” at tryouts for your basketball team…

Absolutely be the best athlete ever come tryouts, and then maintain this throughout your season! Then simply repeat, and add more inches! How beautiful is that?!

Next, Call me Mr. Instant Inches, because I personally can make any athlete gain INCHES on his vertical leap…. INSTANTLY.

In the last week since I put up a 15 minute video on instant inches and showed just a few drills… We had over 5000 athletes reach out and say THANK YOU, and tell their stories about how they INSTANTLY gained inches on their vertical leap… We had a TON of athletes dunk for the first time ever in their lives including a 33 year old man who had NEVER dunked before!

These comments were 100% voluntary for these folks to write, and I asked for feedback, positive or negative… we had one complaint…. The kid told me I talked like a hill billy and he couldn’t understand me….. 😉 Ha.

But Alex if I can do this with a handful of drills in a 15 minute video, what do you think I can do with this system which has over 180 videos, 500 pages of written content, and over 300 workout combinations that are absolutely SIMPLE to maneuver through!

In fact, my friends 11 year old brother found his workout that was selected for him in less than 1 minute! How cool is that?! Did I do ok? Ha, shall I send you an order form? 😛


Well, he got me…I already have my copy of Vert Freak 2.0

And if you too are ready to GAIN INSTANT INCHES on your vertical jump, click this link below and get started right now…think about it…you can have your hands on this information just MOMENTS from now and be going through these amazingly powerful vertical jump workouts (including ALL of Adam’s “vertical jump technique” secrets).

Click this link below to get started now:

Vert Freak 2.0 <---------- JUST RELEASED PUBLICLY! That's it for today. I'll talk to you soon. Your Coach, Alex

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Adam Linkenauger

August 8, 2010

Hey Alex,

I wanted to say thanks again for the awesome interview! I really enjoyed it, and I hope your readers did as well! If you ever need anything let me know, and hopefully we can talk training again soon! It is always great to discuss athletic training with smart trainers!

Talk to you soon!