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Q & A 2/28: How Do You Stretch After A Workout?

By Alex On February 28, 2011 Under Q & A With Alex

QUESTION FROM A READER: Alex where are you 😀 ???? Why are you not updating the inner circle area? What’s going on with the 31 minute mastery-penetrating secrets?



I apologize for the delay.

I’ve been incredibly busy with the re-release of Effective Ball-Handling 2.0. No worries, I’m back to biz hurr.

As for Penetration Secrets, THAT has been put on hold right now, giving way to other, higher-priority projects. I don’t know when/if it’ll ever be released. Sorry.

QUESTION FROM A READER: Hey How do you stretch after quickness/strength workout?

Metod (again)

MY COMMENTS: Hey there again friend!

Here’s what I do after workouts:

Hip Flexor Stretch – 30 seconds each leg
Rectus Femoris Stretch (from TAQ 2.0) – 30 seconds each leg
Standing Calf Stretch – 30 seconds each leg
Groin Stretch – 30 seconds
Glute Bridge – Hold for 30 seconds
Do Those First 4 Stretches Again, Then..
Lat stretch (grabbing onto something sturdy with one arm and really getting deep into the lats) – 30 seconds each arm
Pec Stretch – 30 seconds each arm
Meditate for 5 minutes.

Let me know if you have any questions about that. It’s what I’ve found to work really well for me, personally, as of late.

QUESTION FROM A READER: Will doing so many conditioning and workout in one week ruin my vertical and quick results with Fly in 4 and TAQ?


MY COMMENTS: Dude, I have no idea.

It totally depends on EVERYTHING ELSE you’re doing (I don’t even know which conditioning workouts you’re referring to — the new ones from “The Conditioning Solution”?).

Send in some more details with your question and you’ll get more with your answer.

QUESTION FROM A READER: Hey Alex, I have just got off my basketball season as a freshmen and looked at programs I bought from the winter to improve myself now (Prolfic Shooting, Effective Ball-Handling, Scoring Secrets, and Alex Maroko’s Fly in 4, TheChinUpChallenge, and DumbbellDisorder, and TAQ2).

My question is, how can I put these program together based on your training methods and smartness to get the results to mprove my vertical, strength, shooting range, mind-bending scoring moves and unstoppable ball-handling.

P.S. I have NOW to the BEGINING of August to Improve my vertical, strength, shooting range, minding scoring moves and unstoppable ball-handling. PLEASE HELP ME!

Also Is doing other workouts with Flying In Four, ruin my vertical results because i am doing so much conditioning and weight lifting?

MY COMMENTS: Easy big dog. One step at a time 🙂

You have 3 basketball skill-specific programs. One on handles, one on shooting and one on scoring.

Pick which one of those 3 skills is most important to you and focus on THAT program for the next month.

Now, you also have different training programs.

The Dumbbell Disorder and Chin-Up Challenge are great overall athleticism programs, while Flying In Four is insane for Vertical Jump — but you can’t do both at the same time.

Try this:

This month – Do FIF, Beginner Level.

Next month – Do The Dumbbell Disorder.

Month after that – Do FIF, Intermediate Level.

Month after that – Do The Chin-Up Challenge.

And do TAQ 2.0 with all of those programs throughout.

That’ll leave you one bad mofo come August.


If you have any questions you want answered, send them in here and you’ll see them answered in next week’s Q & A Edition:

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