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2/14 Q & A: How do you know if you’re overtrained?

By Alex On February 14, 2011 Under Q & A With Alex


Hey Alex! How do i know that i’m overtrained?


MY COMMENTS: Oh boy, do I have some good stuff for you Jan..

One, if you’re asking if you’re overtrained, you probably are to some extent.

But the word isn’t overtrained — it’s “overreached”.

See, overtrained is a BIG deal. It takes a of work and stress to get there.

And it sucks to try and get out of it.

Overreached is easier to get to, much more common and not that hard to get out of.

Here’s the deal: Any stress at all puts some damage on your body.

Your body then tries to recover from the stress by repairing and rebuilding the damage. It also tries to PREPARE for the next upcoming similar stress — it does this by growing back STRONGER.

That’s why lifting weights makes you bigger and stronger.

But it’s not just physical training that causes stress to your body — stress can come in all shapes and sizes.

Relationships, deadlines, loud noises, hunger, shitty sleeping schedules, they’re all stressors that do some degree of damage.

So when you’re getting too much of that stress and not enough repairing and rebuilding time, you fall into an overreaching state, where you’re weaker, more tired and not as motivated for your training as normal.

BUT…this is fine. OK, all good.

Because in training, we often do something called “planned overreaching”, where we overrreach an athlete a little bit so his body will REALLY rebound when it’s given time to recover and way overshoot where he was before.

This is normallt reserved for more advanced athletes thought, so I wouldn’t recommend it for you…HOWEVER, since I bet you’ve already put yourself into an overreached state, here’s what I recommend you do.

Take THREE full days off.

Do nothing physically harder than walking.

Try to relax as much as possible (this is me actually TELLING you to do nothing and sit on your ass and wtach a shitload of movies).

On Day 4, do 10-20 minutes of physical activity.

Go to the gym, shoot around, go for a light jog…something EASY.

And the minute you feel any sign of tired or that voice in your head that says, “I don’t want to be here”, stop. Leave. Go home kid.

So whichever comes first…that voice or 20 minutes.

Then take the next day COMPLETELY off again.

Come back on Day 6 and re-start your training schedule. You’ll feel WAY better and should be out of any overreaching state, just be more carful next time.

Plan out more recovery days into your training and don’t always go quite as hard.

And just a tip from a former sufferer, stop thinking about training and basketball so much.

When you’re training and playing, sure, go ahead, think about it, but when you’re not, DON’T THINK ABOUT IT.

Think about other, cooler shit. Like girls wearing leg warmers and short shorts.

QUESTION FROM A READER: How can I use EBH and FIF together without over training and still getting GREAT results from both? Thanks.

MY COMMENTS: Cut back on the speed and movement work to 2 times a week, and cut back on the stationary/seated/2-ball stuff to twice a week.


QUESTION FROM A READER: Hey Alex! Can you please read article above and give your opinion on it. It talks about vertical jumps programs.


MY COMMENTS: Someone sent me an email about this the other day too. My reply to him is the same as to you:

“I don’t know him personally — we have some mutual friends.

I don’t know what someone means when they say
“guarantees of 8+ inches are fake.”..

What’s fake? The guarantee? Or that no one can
really gain 8 inches on their vertical?

‘Cause I’ve seen kids gain 8+ inches A LOT.

I also know all of my programs come with Money-Back
Guarantees and although it doesn’t happen often, when
people request them, they’re always fully completed
with 48 hours of their request.

What’s phony about creating workout programs
that clearly work and offering them to the public
through websites?

Online business is by far the fastest-growing sector
in the world today — it only makes sense.

My question would be is: Has he EVER tried
my programs?

There’s a website out there with a like 4-5 kids
who talk mad-trash about me for like 20 pages
on a forum and then someone asked them
if any of them had ever seen any of my programs
and they all said “No.”..

I’m not here for anyone to fall in love with me
and think I’m the greatest thing on earth (I already
think that of me, which is more than enough)..

..I’m here to run a business that creates killer training
programs for athletes because I happen to be GREAT at it
and I enjoy the hell out of it.



QUESTION FROM A READER: Hey man! I have one very important question. How can I increase the quicknessm of my first step in basketball?

My teammate said to me that I have the slowest first step on the planet. please help me.

Metod from Slovenia

MY COMMENTS: Ouch. That’s rough.

The slowest person the planet? Does your friend know how many people are on this planet? There’s gotta be at least 1 or 2 people with a slower first-step than you 🙂

Seriously though, here’s the secret sauce to a faster first-step:

1. REAL Quickness Training (just like in TAQ 2.0)

2. HIGH-QUALITY practice of your moves (like in EBH)

3. Strong quads (do lots of step-ups with dumbbells and barbells, front squats are good too)

Put all 3 of those together in a plan that MAKES SENSE and doesn’t ignore recovery and you’ll have like the 8th or 9th slowest first-step on the planet in no time 🙂

And if YOU have any questions about your training, workouts, cosmic beliefs or nutrition, hit me up here:

Ask Alex A Question



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