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Q & A 1/8: I suck in the morning, what should I do?

By Alex On January 9, 2011 Under Q & A With Alex


Is there anyway i can modify TAQ 2.0 So i can make it more based on linear speed? How much linear speed can gain in 10 to 12 weeks? (How much could lose in my 40 yard dash and in my 100m dash?) Are agility ladders truly the best way for improving footwork and coordination?

-Wally W.

MY COMMENTS >>> Easy there tiger, one at a time 🙂

To modify TAQ 2.0 to be more linear-based, just be sure to add in some direct linear speed training along with your TAQ 2.0 training.

That’s what I like so much about TAQ 2.0 (besides that it’s mine) — it’s so versatile that whatever your main goal is, TAQ can help you with it.

So for someone looking to lower their 40-yard dash time, you’d just do your TAQ 2.0 training, then your sprint training, then your strength training, in that order.

As for how much you can gain in 10-12 weeks, I can’t say (that’d be like me playing the big guy upstairs).

It depends on a number of factors: where you’re at right now, how experienced you are, how in shape you are, how your diet is, your recovery, your training and that’s not even saying anything about your genetics.

Just stay focused on your training, DO ALL OF IT and see where you end up 12 weeks later.

And I’m not a big fan of agility ladders outside of warming up — I much prefer TAQ 2.0-type training.


Hey Alex! I have 2 questions for you today:

1)How do you count reps at square and at diagonal jumps?

2) What is the name of song in the Mind maze video?

Looking forward to your answer

Metod from Slovenia

MY COMMENTS >>> For counting reps on those, count each ground contact as one rep.

If it says 2 x 40, that’s 40 total ground contacts per set (a ground contact is every time you feet hit the ground landing from a jump or hop).

As for the song in the Mind Maze video, that would be none other than Drake – City is Mine.

Good song, but my favorite Drake is and always will be “Congratulations”.

Check it out:


Happy Holidays Alex! So my mo- I mean ‘Santa’ got me one of those mini workout trampoline for Christmas…I’m not too sure why, but I’m still grateful for it:p Is there anyway I can use it in any kind of workout?


MY COMMENTS >>> Ahh, the mini-trampoline. I defy anyone to try and NOT have fun on a mini-trampoline — damn near impossible.

As for what to do on it, there’s one killer speed-training exercise to try on it, but before I tell you about it, I feel obligated to warn you that it’s hard as hell and will absolutely kick your ass.

All right, cool, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here it is:

Remember the exercise from TAQ 2.0 called “Low-Squat Sprints”?

Do that on a mini-trampoline.

3-5 sets of 10 seconds with 45 seconds of rest in between to work on conditioning and 90-120 seconds of rest between sets to work on speed.

Doing it on a trampoline changes up the force absorption aspect of the exercise and makes it WAY harder.



Hey alex, my question is not about workouts but i hope you’ll answer it. I wake up and eat my breakfast and drive to court that takes 30 minutes to reach n go play basketball. It’s in the morning. I’m a shooting guard and can shoot consistently. but when i shoot during the MORNING. It’s like i have no energy/ in a shooting slump/completely lousy shooting form. But when it’s at night, I shoot like mad. Does this have to do with CNS or something?

MY COMMENTS >>> Good question dude, it shows really good awareness of your body and what’s going on inside (continuing on with a mindset like that will do big things for you as you get older too).

As for why you suck in the morning, the answer is “Yes”, it probably does have something to do with your CNS.

Ever hear of a “morning person”?

Did you ever wonder WHAT made them a morning person? It’s most likely because their CNS is able to function at optimal levels not long after waking (being really excited about your day/life and not getting absolutely wasted on Red Bull/Vodka’s the night before can also play a big role in this too).

So for you, it’s possible you just don’t have it in the morning..

Sure, there are some things you can do to do better in the morning (like wake up earlier, L-Tyrosine or Caffeine supplementation or taking cold/contrast showers before training), but all of it is just covering up the root cause.

And based on my own experiences (and not on any science or research studies), people who have “dead CNS’s” in the morning are usually in an overreached state. They’ve been training too hard, too long without any significant periods of rest in between.

I’d try taking a little time off if you can (or if you’re in season, wait until it’s over) and then come back and give it another shot. I’d bet you feel a LOT better in the AM.

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