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Q & A 12/13: The Truth About Linear Speed Training

By Alex On December 13, 2010 Under Q & A With Alex

Here’s the truth about bodyweight training for LINEAR speed..


Alex do you have any bodyweight programs based solely on Linear speed? or is the TAQ 2.0 good enough to the get Job done



Here’s the thing Kirabo:

To make a program “linear-focused” or “non-linear” focused, it really just depends on what kind of speed training you’re doing, because the actual resistance training doesn’t change all that much.

Both sprinters (linear-speed) and football players (non-linear) need similar types of lower-body strength.

They’re both gonna do their squats and deadlifts and posterior chain work.

But sprinters are also gonna spend a ton of time working on their sprinting speed and technique, using a bunch of different linear techniques. Football players, on the flip, are gonna do a little bit of that but a lot of non-linear training (TAQ 2.0).

So when you ask if I have any bodyweight training programs based on linear speed training, my reply is that I probably do, if you can just make a couple alterations to the training program (also, remember TAQ 2.0 WILL have a positive effect on your linear speed training too).

The alterations you’d have to make would simply be adding in some sprint training drills to your weekly schedule, so let’s say you’re doing the 4-Week Bodyweight Boost.

Now in the 4-Week Bodyweight Boost, you do 3 workouts a week on non-competing days, like so:

Monday – Workout 1

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Workout 2

Thursday – Off

Friday – Workout 3

Saturday/Sunday- Off

And those don’t have to be the exact days you do it, but that’s how the schedule lays itself out.

So what I would do if you wanted to work on your linear speed too is throw in 20 and 40 yard sprints on Wednesday and Sunday (if you’re going by that schedule above).

On Wednesday, you’d do 8-10 reps of all-out 20 yard sprints (with 120 seconds rest in between each sprint).

The on Sunday, you’d do 5-6 reps of all-out 40 yard sprints (with 260 seconds rests in between each sprint).

Follow that for 4-weeks and then re-test how much faster you feel — my coaching intuition tells me you’re gonna be a happy camper.

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