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11 Reasons Why Chin-Ups Rock!

By Alex On January 17, 2011 Under Sports Training

I saw this one coming..

I just released my newest 28-Day Athletic Workout Program called, “The Chin-Up Challenge” the other day and the response has been great — tons of people who clearly the understand the merlin-esque powers of the Chin-Up (and from now on, when I say chin-up, I’m also including the Pull-Up (palms facing away) — both are great).

And while I’m being somewhat tongue-in-cheek when I say “merlin-esuqe” and call it magical or call it a “loophole”, there’s some truth to it. Chin-Ups really are just one of those exercises that seem to do it all.

If chin-ups were a girl, they’d be like your assistant, cleaning lady, chef, girlfriend and designated DVR-manager all rolled up into one, perfect woman.


“Perfect female” or not, here are 11 more reasons why chin-ups absolutely ROCK:

1. They’re challenging. The first time anyone tries a chin-up, they struggle with it. And just like that, it’s on. It’s a challenge set in front of them, a challenge they simply must conquer and let me tell you, that feeling a little while later when you can look at a chin-up bar, grab on and bang out 20 or 25 chin-ups is empowering, like someone sprinkled awesome-dust all over you.

2. They’re a bodyweight exercise. You know how much I love bodyweight exercises and with chin-ups, you get all of those great benefits that only bodyweight exercises can offer to you.

3. People who can do lots of chin-ups almost always have 6-packs.

The reason is two-fold: One, being able to do a lot of chin-ups requires excellent Relative Body Strength (and relative body-strength often requires low levels of body-fat) and two, and this is largely unknown, but chin-ups are a great ab and core exercise.

If you haven’t done chin-ups in a while, go bang out 40 or 50 reps in as few sets as possible and see just how sore your abs are the next day (you’ve been warned).

4. Ever heard of the Adonis Index? The Adonis Index is the ratio of your shoulder width to hip width and guys with a ratio closer to 1.618 (the Golden Ratio) are subconsciously more attractive to females than guys with a worse Adonis Index.

And guess what? Chin-Ups do WONDERS for your Adonis Ratio. They increase the width of your shoulders and through fat-burning properties, shrink your waist, which speaking of..

5. Chin-Ups burn a ton of body-fat. You see, since they’re one of the biggest “compound exercises” out there, so tons of “good” hormones are released after your chin-ups workout, hormones that simply break in and destroy every fat-celled home on your block.

6. Chin-Ups make your BICEPS jacked. Because chin-ups are a “pulling” exercise, every rep is an exercise in “elbow flexion”, mixed in with the heavier amount of weight required to be used (i.e. your bodyweight) and the amount of “good” hormones I just mentioned, you leave your biceps no choice but to GROW and pop out of even your baggiest t-shirt.

7. You get the “Martin Rooney” effect, which I explained in full detail HERE.

8. Chin-Ups make your grip strength out of this world…now maybe, you won’t be tearing phone books any time soon (unless you live in a town of 12 people), but your improved grip strength will be noticeable everywhere you go and in everything you do. You’ll become better any sports involving your hands, normal everyday tasks around the house will feel easier and in every shirt you way, it’ll be plainly obvious just how strong you are because they’ll see the veins and power in your hands and forearms.

9. Dude, chin-ups just look cool. Take a look around your normal, commercial gym next time you go — see how many people can actually do chin-ups.

The answer is a small few to NONE. Every gym has a “guy” for something — the “guy” who can bench press a ton, the “guy” who grunts way too loud, the hot girl. But no one ever decides to take the title of the “ripped guy who can do a shitload of pull-ups”. With just a little work (just 28-days or so), you can pretty easily take that title for good.

10. Almost every guy who goes through a “transformation” in Hollywood credti chin-ups as a major reason. The list of celebrities expounding on the benefits of chin-ups seems never-ending:

* Brad Pitt (Fight Club and Troy)

* Jason Statham (The Transporter Series)

* Hugh Jackman (Wolverine, X-Men)

* Will Smith (Ali and I-Am-Legend)

You can even see WIll in “I Am Legend” banging out half pull-ups during his “training session”:

11. I just released a brand-new workout program called “The Chin-Up Challenge” and I’m pretty certain you’re gonna think it rocks too.

It’s a very fast-paced, challenging series of workouts that over the course of just 28-Days has been designed to DRASTICALLY increase the amount of chin-ups you can do (which will not only make you stronger and more ripped), but it will also increase your speed, quickness and explosiveness using the most unknown loophole in athletic training today:

Check it out:


People have been picking up this program like crazy over the weekend and I don’t blame them — since it is a private workout program straight from inside the Speed Secrets Inner Circle, it will only be available at such a low, discounted price for so long (probably ’til this Thursday or Friday, when I get my web guy to change the page).

If you want to get in on this Chin-Up Challenge Awesomeness, I’d head on over there FAST.

Hope you enjoyed the article today. Talk soon.

Your in Speed and Quickness,


P.S. There’s a crazy story about where I learned about this “Chin-Up Loophole” on this page.

Read all about it here:


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12 comments - add yours
Bennett Dwan

January 17, 2011

i clicked on the basic package to but the chin-up challenge, but it said “404 not found”. Then i clicked on the deluxe package, and it worked. is the basic package sold out?


January 18, 2011

What pull ups would you say are best? Palms facing away or towards you? Wide or narrow? Full or half like the will smith video?

Another reason- Joe Defranco told me that he’s found the athletes that he works with that can do the most chin-ups are also the fastest!

Kyle clay

January 20, 2011

Hey are talking about chin-ups as in palms toward you or away? Thanks


January 20, 2011

Basic Package is still available.

Dillon – I like palms away. I used to have wrist issues so chin-ups are iffy for me too. And full almost always (except in special circumstances that don’t apply to you).

Kyle — I give you both options inside of The Chin-Up Challenge on Day 1. But once you choose on that day, that’s the variation you stick with for the rest of the program.


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