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The Belief Black Box Online DVD ($19.95 Value)

The MOST successful athletes all have one thing in common: they ALWAYS believe in themselves. It doesn't matter if they've missed their last 13 shots or are in the worst slump of their career, they ALWAYS believe in themselves. And if you've EVER felt the sting of low self-confidence, you know how debilitating it can be. That's where the Belief Black-Box comes in. Featuring the BEST "instant and permanent" confidence trick I've ever come across, this secret exercise inside The Belief Black-Box will have you brimming with confidence and overflowing with swagger.

The Blazing Speed Challenge ($29.95 Value)

Speed and quickness is KING. Period. If you can manage to get it, you're pretty

good. If you can get it FAST, then you're even better. And that's what The Blazing Speed Challenge was built for. The "BSC" is a 28-Day, speed-focused program that tells you exactly what workouts, exercises and training to do everyday for 28 Days straight, all with one extremely reachable goal in mind: Get YOU crazy fast. The Blazing Speed Challenge has been available to the public just ONCE (last year) and it sold out in 3 days. This is just the second time it's been back since then -- don't miss out.

The Speed Secrets Inner Circle ($19.95 Value)

Just opened up for the most serious of speed and quickness-seeking athletes, the Inner Circle is held on a deep and private section somewhere inside the Internet. Inside, you’ll receive monthly speed and quickness-training workouts, interviews with some of the worlds brightest and fastest athletes and coaches, plus constant and exclusive access to me, with private Q & A forums and videos giving you a look into the day-to-day of my own life. The Inner Circle normally runs for $19.95 a month, but with The 4-Week Bodyweight Boost Deluxe Package, you're going to try it free for 14 days. Also, cancellations can be made at any time with a simple email to me. No worries, no hassle.

The Top 8 Eating and Nutrition Tricks For A Bigger Vertical Jump from Kelly Baggett ($39.95 Value)

We all eat, right? Of course we do! In this FREE Bonus, you'll discover the 8 MOST powerful eating tricks from Kelly Baggett in mp3 format, including his "No C's Rule" and his ideal post-workout formula. This bonus is perfectly downloadable for your IPod or MP3 Player too. Get it today with the 4-Week Bodyweight Boost Deluxe Package!


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